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1999 - HIS for WCG

HST is established when it is awarded the contract to implement a centralised and fully integrated Health Information System (HIS) for the Western Cape Government. The system has since been implemented in 53 academic, district and regional hospitals in the Western Cape.

1999 - EMPI across Western Cape

In the same year, a unique Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) is implemented across the Western Cape. It currently services approximately 200 primary healthcare clinics, community health centres and hospitals.

1999 till 2008 - System C Pharmacy System

The System C Pharmacy System is implemented at three academic hospitals as part of the HIS, and rolled out to an additional 40 non-academic hospitals in the Western Cape.

2006 - IBM and Waymark

Working alongside IBM and Waymark, HST contributes towards the design and architecture of e.HR, the National Department of Health’s Electronic Health Record initiative.

2007 - NHLS Laboratory Information System

HST is awarded a contract to deliver a web-based Laboratory Information System (LIS) for the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS), which incorporates the laboratories of the South African Institute for Medical Research, the state-owned laboratories, the National Institute of Occupational Health and the National Institute of Communicable Diseases. The implementation of TrakCare Lab is the largest LIS deployment of its kind in the world.

2008 - Laboratory Information System KZN

TrakCare Lab is implemented across KwaZulu-Natal. Prior to its deployment, no Laboratory Information System existed in the province.

2008 till present - Medicines Management System

The System C Pharmacy System is expanded to include all hospitals, primary healthcare facilities and community healthcare centres in the Western Cape. To date, this system has been implemented at 101 pharmacies nationwide.

2010 till 2015 - National Laboratory Information System

Following an independent 18-month analysis of TrakCare Lab in KwaZulu-Natal, the system is rolled out nationwide and implemented at 293 laboratories within the NHLS.

2016 - Tanzania

A Laboratory Information System is deployed into select Ministry of Health laboratory facilities in Tanzania.

2017 - Nigeria

HST is engaged in a project to manage patient movement and referral within state hospitals in Elorin Province, Nigeria.



1999 till 2008




2008 till present

2010 till 2015




  • 54
  • Hospitals in the Western Cape
  • 110
  • Pharmacies nationally
  • 293
  • Laboraties within the National Laboratory Service (NHLS)
  • 403
  • Live Healthcare Installations within South Africa


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